Illa Negra
Depth: 0 to 22 meters.

Levels: from Open Water.

Communities: slopes of white gorgonians with caves, coralligenous with green algae Halimeda tuna and crashes with yellow encrusting anemone. Excellent for nightdive.

Wildlife: moray eels, large banks of bream, barracudas, conger eels, groupers, nudibranchs; You can see monkfish in spring and rays or electric rays buried in the sand.
Just south of Cap de Begur, under cover of north winds, we find a large island, of dark rock, which is called Illa Negra (Black Island).

This is a simple dive, for all levels and that is always sheltered from waves.

The dive takes place following the island's wall, generally starting in the south, where we find only an extra-low landing where large banks of breams and glazings take refuge. We find next a small cave that follows an extraplex covered with sponges, giving way to a soft veril that ends in a sandy bottom, in about 19 meters. Here we find a rock formation, called the second island, which goes from 13 meters to 21 in a sandy bed. The second island is covered with coralline with the characteristic Halimeda tuna green algae. In its holes we can see scorpion fish, small groupers, moray eels. Returning to the main island, we pass through a vertical wall covered in white gorgonia that ends in an overhanging covered with yellow encrusting anemona and a cave. In the sand that we find at the feet it is possible to observe some electric ray or styngray.
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