Punta Es Ploms

Located to the north of the municipality, in front of the beautiful Sa Tuna beach, we find a rocky point that protects the zone from the winds of east and south.

Fitó Island

Located to the south of Punta es Plom and surrounded by cliffs, a small island emerges, Illa Fitó, which is sheltered from the north winds.

Furió Fitó

Located in the middle of the blue, in front of Illa Fitó, a spectacular rock formation rises from a bottom of more than 50 meters, forming a plateau (the Furió) with a minimum depth of 14 meters and a second pinacle (the Furionet) whose top is 26 meters.

Cap de Begur

The rocky point located in front of the Aiguablava beach is Cap de Begur. This formation is the point that goes deeper into the peninsula in the Mediterranean and therefore makes it a place very exposed to the currents and with great wealth.

Illa Negra

Just south of Cap de Begur, under cover of north winds, we find a large island, of dark rock, which is called Illa Negra (Black Island).

Barda de la Illa Negra

Located near the second island, crossing the sand, we find a rock formation in the shape of a split bar that goes into the open sea. This formation is called La Barda.

El sorrall

In front of Punta Es Mut, in the middle of the sand, a stone rises up to 5 meters deep, down to 21 at the bottom, which falls into a sandy bed.

Aiguablava Beach

In the middle of the municipality of Begur, under cover of the Cap de Begur in the north and of Punta es Mut in the east, lies the quiet Aiguablava beach, with its characteristic crystalline water.

Canons de Tamariu

Located to the south of the Aiguablava beach and slightly to the north of the Aiguaxélida beach we find a rock formation with 4 parallel bars that houses a great diversity: the Tamariu canyons.

Canons de Fora

A little more to the southeast of Canons de Tamariu, we find a rock formation very similar but more deep, called Canons de Fora.

Furió d'Aiguaxélida

Located right in front of Aiguaxélida beach, an island rises in the middle of the sea that receives the name of the same beach: Furió of Aiguaxélida.

Nightdive in Tamariu​

The beach of Tamariu is very popular in summer, not only for bathers, but also for being a field of buoys for anchoring. But their dives are another world apart.
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