Canons de Tamariu
Depth: 9 to 35 meters.

Levels: from Advanced OWD.

Communities: 4 parallel rocky bars that are covered with red gorgonians,  tree sponges and a coralligenous bottom with big holes.

Wildlife: moray eels, scorpion fish, groupers, large schools of barracudas, dentex; Moonfish and monkfish can be seen in spring.
Located to the south of the Aiguablava beach and slightly to the north of the Aiguaxélida beach we find a rock formation with 4 parallel bars that houses a great diversity: the Tamariu canyons.

The dive consists of 4 rock bars very close to each other and forming large canyons lined with red gorgonians between them. Not only the landscape that is formed is spectacular, but generally to the clarity of its waters we must add the large amount of wildlife that we can find.

It is frequent to observe large banks of barracudas, dentexes, imperial breams as well as large three-tailed clouds starting at 20 meters. It is also easy to observe specimens of grouper, moray eel and scorpion fish in the deep zones, as well as during the months of cold waters the observation of monkfish or some John Dory fish. Before the season of high navigation begins, it is also common to observe the passage of moonfish or already in autumn, of bonito and sea eagles.

Having a minimum depth of 9 meters, it allows you to take advantage of the 60 minutes of maximum immersion time that we leave to the maximum, without the risk of entering decompression or allowing you to do it in the cape observing the bottom.
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