Canons de Fora
Depth: 16 to more than 45 meters.

Levels: from Advanced OWD.

Communities: Very similar to the previous dive, there are also 4 parallel rock bars but located at greater depth. The gorgonians communities are larger and the wildlife is quiet.

Wildlife: large banks of barracudas and dentex, moray eels, scorpion fish, imperial bream; you can see banks of little tunas.
A little more to the southeast of Canons de Tamariu, we find a rock formation very similar but more deep, called Canons de Fora.

The dive is very similar to Canons de Tamariu, and you can even do the 2 dives in a single dive provided the conditions of visibility are appropriate. The formation is similar to the previous one, with 4 rock bars, the first 3 very close to each other, forming narrow passages with large communities of red gorgonians (larger and more well preserved than in Canons de Tamariu) and a very extensive coralligenous bottom, which opens on a sandy area with loose rocks beyond 45 meters on the south slope.

To the beautiful landscape we must add the large amount of fauna we can find, from large banks of barracudas and dentex, imperial bream, little tunas or fish passing through, three-tailed clouds that cover the bottom, among others. The minimum depth is 16 meters at the top of the second canyon, so the background time that allows us is usually smaller than in Canons de Tamariu.
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