Barda de la Illa Negra
Depth: 13 to 32 meters.

Levels: from Advanced OWD.

Communities: rocky coralligenous bar covered with green algae with lots of holes.

Wildlife: moray eels, scorpion fish, groupers, sea horses, large schools of barracudas; You can see sea eagle rays and john dory fish in spring.
Located near the second island, crossing the sand, we find a rock formation in the shape of a split bar that goes into the open sea. This formation is called La Barda.

The immersion begins at the anchoring, located in the partition that forms the bar, being the route on the left (or north) slope of said bar. Right next to the anchoring is a pair of very static seahorses. The bottom is made up of very leaky coralline and covered with Halimeda tuna green algae, which adds a touch of beautiful color to the landscape. Above the rock formation can be seen large banks of barracudas, as well as groupers in the steepest vernels. The minimum depth is 13 meters and the maximum depth exceeds 30 meters, so this dive is reserved for Advanced or higher levels.

In spring abound nudibranchs, especially Janolus cristatus, one of the largest (can exceed 7 centimeters) and showy of our waters.
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