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Furio d' Aigua Xelida

If we turn our eyes to the east at Punta D'es Mut, in the bay of Aigua Xelida we see an island rise from the water, this is the top of an underwater rock formation, which plays a very important role in the underwater environment of the area. It is called the Furio d'Aigua Xelida. Which translates into "Rock of the Icewater".

Here the buoy, which forms the starting point for our descent, is attached to the rock at a depth of approximately 11 meters. From there we can swim around the island, go through the tunnel and take a look between the rocks that lie here. Oh and the temperature of the water…. still warm enough to enjoy your dive..

Dive depth

Between 5 and 35 meters.


Visibility is never a problem here because you always remain in visual contact with the rock. In general, it is between 8 and 25 meters.

Flora and fauna

At Furio d’Aigua Xelida we find gorgonians of all different types, red coral, sponges, cuttlefish, squid, rays, nudibranches, and sometimes we meet a small shark during our explorations.