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El Tabal

Across the creek of Cau Gents, a small rock formation is located that is nearly inaccessible from land. In the centre of this formation, a huge rock emerges, named President of Tabal. It is well known that this place, that carries the name El Tabal (the drum), provides an underwater landscape that comprises of underwater mountains lying in parallel with the above-mentioned rock formation. They are situated about 500 meters from the shore and the top is about 22 or 23 meters below the surface. In the part closest to the shore the peaks lay between 22 and 30 meters. At the outer peak, a depth of about 44 meters can be reached.

Rico Coralígeno

The recommended dive profile circles the entire central rock, which is about 70 or 80 meters long, with a peak at 23 meters deep and the deepest part at about 40 meters. The place where we descend and ascend is situated over a fairly flat rock with a very attractive vertical wall (covered with gorgonians). The tour begins on this side at the anchor chain. The best part, however, is a gentle slope, which is dominated by calcareous algae and many holes, which are filled with live. This life consists mainly of groupers, fork beards, scorpion fish and lobster. During the dive here, underwater photographers will have many chances to get dozens of details in front of their macro lens.
There is always a light current in this area; assents in the blue are to be avoided, because there is much boat traffic.

Description: Guía Submarina Andreu Llamas