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Cap de Begur

If you look at the geographical map of the Costa Brava, the town of Begur, on the characteristic easternmost point immediately catches the eye, when your eyes travel from the town towards the shore, it takes you to the cape carrying the same name.

The place where we submerge is situated due east of the cape. We start of at 15 meters from the cliff, where we find a platform at about 6 meters deep that extends from our starting point to the north side of the cape.

When we continue our dive, we have to cross a strip of sand 15 to 20 meters wide in the direction of a huge rock, which is the aim of our visit.

Diving depth
Between 6 and 35 m

Highly variable. From about 8 meters to sometimes more than 30 meters at very clear moments

Flora and fauna
Gorgonians, red coral, polyps in multiple colours, scorpion fish, bream, fork beard, rays and many others.