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Barda d' Illa Negra

If you follow an east-west line from the edge of "Illa Negra" (The Black Island); at a distance of about 50 meters you will find an interesting place, which is called the "outer fence" or "farthest fence. In Spanish we call this "Barda .."

At this place marked with a buoy, we begin our dive with a descent into the blue that will lead to our starting point that lies at a depth of 17 meters. Here our adventure begins..

Dive depth
Between 17 and 31 meters

Highly variable. From about 8 meters to sometimes more than 30 meters at very clear moments

Flora and fauna

We should not be surprised to find different types of tubeworms here, which gracefully filter food from the sea with their feather-like tentacles and then withdraw into their sleeve. In addition we often see groupers here, as well as scorpion fish, lots of lobster, squid, nudibranches and formations of red coral.

When we dive here we should look around every now and gaze upward because we might witness the presence of large schools of small fish and occasionally some larger fish from the open seas